The Arts in Psychotherapy

The Arts are ancient and potent forms of healing and expression. Cultures throughout time have used image and metaphor to organise and express emotional experience.

We experience the world on many different levels, with our senses, our intellect and our physicality. Sometimes words alone are not enough and we need more to fully express ourselves. The Arts can help us to find meaning and develop more satisfying experiences of communication in the world. Indeed moving between art forms can allow us to access a full range of sensory expression. From the clay, to the paint, from the visual image to the dance, from the written word to the enactment; the Arts have space for it all. We are never alone, there will always be some art form that can match our feeling and therefore psychologically hold us and keep us safe.

We have been educated to believe that the Arts are only available to those who are specifically talented and whilst there are clearly gifted artists of all kinds this doesn’t mean that an evocative view, a pattern in the frost or a snatched phrase of music heard in the street is meaningless, quite the opposite! Let us reengage with our senses and allow the Arts in their widest sense to impact on our lives and enable us to express the unexpressed. Use them to explore different aspects of yourself and become more fully who you are, deepen your experience of yourself, reawaken forgotten potential and challenge yourself to fully experience the world by integrating your senses, thinking, feeling and behaviour.