About Spiritual Accompaniment

I also offer Spiritual Accompaniment as part of my therapeutic practice.

This is spiritual companionship, an opportunity to share the journey with someone else. We all experience a ‘dark night of the soul’ at some point in our lives perhaps through bereavement, relationship breakdown, crises of faith, climate anxiety, existential fears or difficulty managing the particulars of living within or leaving a religious or faith ‘community’. It can be helpful to have someone walk alongside us as we travel through these parts of our lives. Within my practice as a Psychotherapist I work with spiritual issues implicitly but sometimes a more explicit opportunity to explore the spiritual aspects of being human and reflect on what it means to be attuned to this process is needed. There are obvious overlaps between Spiritual Accompaniment and Psychotherapy and much written about it, my feeling is that the most important thing is to develop a relationship that will enable you to travel your own unique path safely and with heart. Spiritual needs change throughout our lifespan and space to deepen our connection to ourselves and reflect on cultivating our spirituality is a vital part of human development.

Please do contact me if you would like to discuss this further.